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​Custom’s Clearance with the World’s Largest Broker | Guaranteed® Global Express

​Custom’s Clearance with the World’s Largest Broker

Customs Clearance in a C​​omplex Environment

Combine our brokerage and transportation services to ensure accurate customs compliance and timely delivery of your goods. Whether you’re shipping air, ocean, or ground, we’ll help you reduce the risk of delays or penalties.

We offer tools and consulting services to help you manage international trade by leveraging our more than 80 years of customs brokerage experience. Take advantage of global coverage and reliable, consistent service made possible by offices in more than 60 countries. In the United States alone, we process over four million entries annually and employ hundreds of licensed customs brokers.

We meet or exceed all the necessary regulatory and security certifications, such as Automated Manifest System (AMS) and Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT). And we’re able to provide timely and accurate transmissions directly to U.S. Customs and Border Protection and help you avoid delays on U.S. inbound shipments.

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Use Customs Brokerage with Other Guaranteed® Global Express Solutions

Organization: Our document imaging solution provides easy archiving and retrieval of important customs brokerage documents, which minimizes the need for physical storage space.

Organise and Archive with Our Document Imaging Solution

Visibility: With Flex® Global View and Quantum View® Manage, you stay in control. Get superior shipment visibility, notifications, and the ability to respond to critical clearance milestones to avoid delays and keep your shipments moving.

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Automation: Our systems are electronically linked to customs authorities around the world, reducing the risk of errors and speeding up the clearance processes.

Expedite the Release and Clearance of Your Shipments with Guaranteed® Global Express Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)