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​Guaranteed® Global Express Service Updates​​ | Guaranteed® Global Express

​Guaranteed® Global Express Service Updates​​

Thank you for your patience, loyalty, and continued support over the last few months during the challenging and unprecedented times that Covid-19 has presented. During this time, we have made the necessary ongoing operational changes, to keep our people and our customers safe, as we deliver the best possible service. We have continually monitored the situation, to get back to business as usual, as quickly as possible, adopting a phased approach and we have reinstated some of our delivery service guarantees on selected services.

We are still experiencing unprecedented volumes and we thank you as a business for your patience and understanding. Our latest service updates can be viewed below.


Any service issues will be detailed below;

Service Issues:

Europe – (Coronavirus) COVID-19 Service Update


If there are any service issues, they appear below;

Service Issues:

Europe – (Coronavirus) COVID-19 Service Update

Rest of the World – (Coronavirus) COVID-19 Service Update

Countries we do not currently deliver to


Libya – No service except GX