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​Enhanced Compensation | Guaranteed® Global Express

​Enhanced Compensation

Please if you are a Guaranteed® Global Express business account holder.

All of our express services include compensation cover ranging from £200 to £400 per consignment for loss or damage. You can find out more details on our Inclusive Compensation page.

If the value of your parcel exceeds this, you can take out our enhanced compensation cover for loss or damage, up to a maximum of £2,700 per consignment. Please note that musical instruments will only be covered up to the maximum amount of inclusive compensation included with the service and no enhanced compensation can be purchased on these items.

The amount of inclusive or additional cover varies per service. For additional items excluded from Guaranteed Global Express please see our general conditions of carriage.

Providing the consignment has been packaged correctly, any compensation payable for damage to an item will be limited to the repair cost. If the item is lost or damaged beyond repair, an independent agent may be used to supply a replacement – subject to the maximum compensation for the service used, allowing for wear and tear and depreciation where appropriate. The lowest of the cost/sale price will be used to settle a claim and VAT will be reimbursed where appropriate.

You can take out enhanced compensation for IRAQ parcels by choosing the relevant options when you book your parcel online.

ServicesMaximum inclusive compensationAdditional compensation availableMaximum total cover
express9£200£1.80 including VAT for the first extra £100 cover and £4.50 including VAT for every subsequent £100£2,500
express10£200As above£2,500
expressAM£200As above£2,500
express24£100As above£2,500
express48£100As above£2,500
express48large£100As above£2,500
global express£400As above£2,700
Flash express£200As above£2,500
global priority£100As above£2,500
global value£100As above£500
HM Forces – BFPO£100As above£2,500