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Expecting A Package? Track & Confirm Your Shipment Delivery Status | Guaranteed® Global Express

​Custom’s Clearance with the World’s Largest Broker

Customs Clearance in a C​​omplex Environment Combine our brokerage and transportation services to ensure accurate […]


​Guaranteed® Global Express Worldwide Update – Coronavirus (COVID-19)​​

Updated. Public Health England (PHE)  and the United States Public Health Service have advised that […]


​International Parcel Delivery

Looking for an international courier? You’ll find everything you need to make the world feel […]


Expecting A Package? Track & Confirm Your Shipment Delivery Status

Our tracking provides insight about your shipment status all along its journey. Track Incoming Packages Anytime, Anywhere on your Smartphone or Tablet. Check the delivery status of your packages and when they are scheduled to arrive. Simply enter your Parcel Tracking number below to proceed.

Receive 24/7 Delivery® Tracking® updates for incoming packages, Interact with incoming mail and packages progress via Email. If you are expecting to receive a parcel, please contact the sender of the parcel for the tracking number. We are unable to track your parcel without the tracking number.